Pars Car Rental

Introduction of Tourism Development and Pars Rental Company

The activities of this company is in the field of providing luxury and ceremonial cars to ministries, local and foreign companies, embassies and all other natural persons.

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Modern cars for rent

These cars are selected from high quality European and Asian brands and a part of the fleet of vehicles of this company. They are equipped to the latest standards and facilities. This section is ready to provide services to people in three groups: large, medium and small sedans. Rental cars are available with and without driver.

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SUV for rent

These cars are perfect for cross-country and wilderness tourism and are classified in two groups. The first group is cars suitable for the impassable roads with difficult conditions. The second group is for traffic on the street that hasn’t the qualities of the first group, but they stand higher than the normal sedan cars. These cars have more space so they are more suitable for traveling either inside or outside the cities.

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The main activities of our company

The main activities of our company include: Rental of luxury cars, modern cars, SUVs, as well as large vehicles such as buses, middle busses and vans; special cars for weddings, cricketing, and classic cars Providing accommodation Official reception at the airport (CIP) Providing all types of private planes and jets Providing halls for meetings, seminars and conferences Providing special services for high-ranking officials and diplomats Special Protection Guard Inviting prominent and famous music groups and performers And …………..

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Diplomatic and ceremonial cars in iran

One of the activities of this company is providing facilities for transporting high-ranking officials and guests by modern cars that are equipped for ensuring convenience and security. This company is ready to provide services to ministries, departments, agencies and large local or foreign companies. It's also worth noting that drivers in this section are highly efficient, well trained with international documents. All these can ensure the better quality for holding such events.

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